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                         WORTH MORE DEAD

           Book three in the Crescent Falls Series




       Be Mine, Dead Valentine





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Vows of Silence

           Final book in the Spirit Lake series

It is a steamy summer in Spirit Lake. After a year away, during which her father, Harold died of a heart attack, Erica returns with her daughter, Joanna, and her mother, Diane, in tow.  The reason for her return is twofold: Jake Lakota has planned a memorial service for his brother, Joe. Also, Erica plans to sell her half of the inn to her friend and partner, Paula, after which she will return to Florida with Diane and Joanna. Soon, however, it becomes apparent that this plan will not unfold as expected, since things are in turmoil at the inn. It seems that the casino will be build across the lake after all. Also, the ghost in the basement continues to terrorize any who venture near the wine cellar.


Murder and deceit and deadly secrets are the order of the day as the town of Spirit Lake prepares for its annual July 4th Founders’ Day celebration. In the midst of it all, Erica is blindsided by an unexpected event that turns her world upside down.


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        Jolly Dead St. Nicholas.... A cozy mystery

 The citizens of Crescent Falls are about to have a  Christmas they will never forget.


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It is October in Arcadia and shape shifter Talia Coe is now the proud mother of twins, Mahra and Aaron. As Talia and her mate Lucas Knight plan their November wedding and try to adjust to parenthood, Talia is again plagued by nightmares of doom and disaster. Their archenemy, Abby Stewart, is still at large and they know it will only be a matter of time before she returns to exact her revenge. Victor Kane and his lover Caroline Thomas are struggling to maintain their rocky relationship in spite of their feelings for other people. Victor has finally acknowledged his love for his former mate, Lilah, who is Talia’s mother. Lilah struggles with the hard truth that she loves her husband, Caleb Sinclair, but is in love with Victor. Caroline is still seeing Neil Wade, who became her lover when Victor was on the run from murder charges. However, Caroline feels she has too much to lose if she leaves Victor, since she is now a partner in his prosperous art gallery and they have a son together. Ben Walker, a shifter hunter who has joined forces with Lucas’s pack, has settled into a comfortable life in Arcadia, working for Victor and Caroline at the art gallery. He’s also become smitten with the new DA, Lana Russell. Little does he know that beneath the surface, the cool, blond beauty is not what she seems. When Lucas is almost killed by a hit and run driver, it looks as though Abby Stewart, out to destroy Lucas, Talia, Victor, Caroline, Neil, Caleb and Lilah, has begun her campaign of vengeance. But she isn’t in it alone and after someone close to Talia is killed and another is critically injured, it becomes clear that others have joined in the vendetta. As evil forces hover over Arcadia and the final battle looms, unseen enemies reveal themselves, loyalties are tested and lives are lost. Who will survive?

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